Beef jerky

The benefits of Beef Jerky

Health Advantages
 Is Jerky good for you? Yes! Because moisture and fat are removed from the meat during the preparation process, it is an excellent source of protein (as much as 15g of protein per serving size) and is generally 97% Fat-Free.

We have also included a section for foods that don’t contain MSG. Some manufacturers use additives to help preserve the flavor of the meat, whereas others pride themselves and make an effort to make a beef jerky as natural as humanly possible. Some common preservatives added include MSG and Sodium Nitrite. MSG is an ingredient inherent in most soy sauces; it acts as a flavor enhancer in jerky products, the best jerky is MSG free like Viking Jerky. This is important to know for those shopping for low-sodium jerky products and who are on a low-salt diet. Anything less than 300mg of sodium per serving is generally considered low. Keep in mind that salt is a natural preservative for jerky, so it typically comes with the territory.

Sodium Nitrite is a preservative added to some jerky products that help the shelf life of the meat and helps to counter-act discoloration of the product. On the brighter side though, it does help to prevent bacteria. Its health benefits are evident in the fact that many athletes, weightlifters, opt to snack on it and beef jerky is widely considered the healthiest snack food out there!

Most consumers of jerky products not only love its health advantages, but they also enjoy its convenience and portability. A nutrient-dense snack is one benefit, however, it’s convenience and shelf life is another benefit that keeps many coming back for more. The fact that it has a long shelf life (several months) and that it can be repackaged for later use after being opened makes jerky a great value. This is something that some manufacturers make an effort to address, things such as vacuum sealed packaging and oxygen absorbers or a combination of the two are things to look for when choosing the right jerky.

So, whether you’re a hiker, a camper, or simply a person on the go, you can surely start to appreciate a healthy and convenient snack…at least now you have a better idea of what to look for as far as convenience goes.

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